A turn around of adolescence 

Cameran Faye has always been my strong willed child. Frumpy faces, nostril flares and every other typical teenage facial expression one could possibly make. Many challenges have been school and grades. A good Education is the most important decision we will ever make and when it’s time to take school seriously, it’s crucial for college. Being in Saudi made Cameran love school. The teachers had a huge array of knowledge and experience in teaching all over the world. It made learning fun. She was able to meet and befriend girls from across the globe with interesting lives, traditions and all around great attitudes. Sports was a plus. My baby can play. And I mean play Vollyball and basketball. She’s a natural. 

So returning home we made the decision to put both kids in a school they enjoyed. Having some issues before Saudi in school, we knew we wouldnt be back there. Cameran has stayed true to herself and the knowledge she carries. Being a freshman is a turn around. Starting high school, bonfires, band trips and the beginnings of coke dates are all the firsts when in high school. She has enjoyed herself the most and I take pleasure in seeing her smile and shine. Recently she was able to finally get a phone after bringing home honor role grades. Something she has never done in the past. Now, I’m not tha mother who expects honor roll. Far from it. I want to see that you are trying your best. Stand your ground and stand for your principles. Be a good person. Treat everyone with kindness, even when they are undeserving. But above all, respect yourself and value just how important you are. Know that the sky is the limit and never let limitations dictate your outcome. Cameran is showing me that she is responsible for her actions. And I am the proudest mom in the world. As she grows, I too grow as a mother. Teenagers are not all that scary. Even when the nostril flares and the eye rolls take effect. Proud of you Cameran. The sky is the limit with you my angel. 


The bubble is gone. 

The nicu bubble. N. I. C. U. 

I’ve shielded Sidda for two years with the perfect bubble with only a hand full of times her body has gotten the cold, and I hate the cold.  Breathing treatments, listening for wheezing, patting the back for twenty minutes and doing everything I can to make her caugh. I. Hate. The. Cold. In my mind, when sickness comes the. She will be back to a nicu baby. I know not per say a hospital stay buy it could happen. At 24 months she is a rambunctious, inquisitive, hyper, sassy, and know it all toddler. She moves all day long. Hardly ever a nap but maybe twenty minutes in the car but that’s it. All her waking minutes are found roaming around exploring her surroundings. Toys galore scattered from one end of the living room to the other. It’s an all day thing to play the pick up and put your toys away game. A game I love and cherish. At the end of each toy toss, we clap hands and say yea!!! To see pure joy on her face is the highlight of my day. It makes all the toys that much better to pick up. 

Tonight while doing the dishes, she fell. Bubba and sissy were on the couch watching tv when she fell. I heard her cry and raced to her. Holding her arm up. My angel got hurt. Trying to balance herself on the horse seat, somehow the horse seat fell on her and her arm leaving wheels tracks and a scrape. The mother in me said why wasn’t I watching her? Quickly she calmed down and began to play again but it was apparent her little arm was going to have a bruise. I wanted to kick myself for doing the dishes while she played. How can I watch her constantly and do household chores also? Balancing motherhood and duties at home can be challenging especially when your husband is still in Saudi Arabia. Lord, guide me threw the days until we are whole again. Help me to not be so worried over every scrape and bruise. Teach me to remember that by faith, we can accomplish anything. Help me to stop worrying. I’m releasing the bubble, one day at a time. Good nignt my Sha Bebe