I can’t. I won’t. Love, Mom

I can’t and I won’t allow your selfless and distructive behavior to effect me. You are old enough to understand the consequences of your actions. I worry about your emotions, fitting in, getting along with others all because I care. I love. I desire for you to have the perfect life you deserve. I want to shelter you AND give you freedom, all at the same time, but all in tiny increments  for fear that once unleashed, you wouldn’t  understand how to handle to enjoyed freedom as a young woman. I want to never see you have pain inside your spirit, something I can’t seem to avoid. It’s already there and I’m banging at your walls to let me in. I can tell you all about my childhood, the good and the bad, praying that you see and know just how much one tiny malice word or one tiny hug of confidence can really impact a person. A person who I know wants to fit in. A person I know wants to be like others. Being the norm is sometimes overrated. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to show your individualism. You may surprise yourself with hidden confidence you didn’t think you had. I can’t break that wall down alone. I don’t want to if truth be told. I need your help. Together we can sand and polish off the jagetted edges of your core. Maybe, just maybe a beautiful pearl is waiting to be revealed. The only one who’s holding back is you…




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